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Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch were interviewed about their relationship and the upcoming match at Extreme Rules, but were interrupted by Mike and Maria Kanellis. They talked trash, and a match was made.

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch defeated Mike and Maria Kanellis. During the match, Maria avoided being attacked by announcing that she’s pregnant. In the confusion, Becky Lynch hip-tossed Mike into the ring and tapped him out with the Disarmer. After the match, Maria said she was ashamed that Mike is the father of her children, and that next time she’ll ask Becky Lynch to impregnate her.


Today’s opening promo is Mike and Maria Kanellis talking about how Akira Tozawa has no chance, and Brian Kendrick and Tozawa get a counterpoint where Kendrick says it’s simple— Mike is screwed.

Mike and Maria Kanellis run into Drake Maverick backstage and thank him for banning Kendrick from ringside. He says he’s glad they’re on the same page but stops Maria when they leave and informs her that she is also banned from ringside.

Akira Tozawa over Mike Kanellis by pinfall with the diving senton and a bit of help from some chairs. (No Disqualification Match)
Maria comes and gets her husband and Kendrick comes down to celebrate with his pal.


Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews (NXT UK) defeated Ariya Daivari & Mike Kanellis (205 Live)

This was fine. Daivari and Andrew started off, though the crowd chanted for Mike Kanellis. Kanellis came in for a second, then tagged back out, and later came back in again. The announcers classified the heel antics as mind games. 

It looks as though Daivari has been tasked with wearing dress shoes, slacks, and a non-title real life dress belt as part of his latest ring gear, where he unfortunately resembles a bad guy in an ‘80s Kung-fu movie more than a wrestler. 

The 205 Live heels did heel things throughout. They abused Webster in their corner for a long while with lots of double-teaming and quick tags in and out from both members. Webster finally returned the attack with a short corkscrew senton and a fast tag out to Andrews, who went through a sequence of flying moves that finished with a double stomp to Daivari’s stomach. He only got a two count for this.

Kanellis broke up a few pinfall attempts from the Brits, including one spot where Webster assisted Andrews for a standing 450 splash. They did simultaneous tope con giros to the outside after this, which had the crowd chanting “this is awesome.” It was short-lived, though, as Kanellis used a big spinebuster for two on Andrews.

Kanellis accidentally superkicked Daivari off the apron, allowing Webster to land a somersault senton to Kanellis’ back and crushing him back-first for the win while Kanellis was on his hands and knees. Again, this was fine, not bad, and the crowd seemed to be quite into it by the end. I wonder how many people from the UK were in this crowd.

Mike and Maria Kanellis are backstage complaining to Drake about not being in the tournament and getting more upset when he reveals he’s fighting local talent. Maria says they’re not a charity case.

Last week, 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick promised Mike (and Maria) Kanellis that Kanellis would have a match on tonight’s show, and he delivered. Kanellis foolishly thought that he would be in the tournament, but Maverick actually had something else in mind, a local competitor. The match never happened. Kanellis beat Corino (the local competitor) down before the bell rang, so the referee called off the bout.


The couple made their WWE debut (technically for Maria, her return) with a new gimmick, complete with an addictive theme song and hearts a plenty on the TitanTrons around them. Hearts appear on the stage and Maria and Mike Kanaliss walk out on the stage. Maria says she has been searching for the perfect partner. Mike says Maria found him.  Maria described by saying, “The first lady is back in WWE to educate everyone on SmackDown Live about the power of love.”
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Maria is in the ring with Laurel Van Ness and her husband, “The Miracle Mike Bennett”. They have a dinner table set up in the ring. Maria introduces what she calls, a real pilgrim in Allie. Allie comes out in full pilgrim attire. She comes to the ring with turkey sounds going off in the background. Maria teases Allie and laughs at her. Laurel says that she has invited Braxton Sutter out to see this. Allie doesn’t want him to see her like this. They all sit together for dinner when Sutter arrives except Allie. Maria says that she is thankful for her husband, Laurel and that she is the 1st lady of pro wrestling… The Miracle is thankful for food, Tom Brady and his wife Maria. Laurel is thankful for Maria, Braxton Sutter and her father’s black amex card. Allie is thankful for the fans. Maria cuts her off. She instructs Allie to serve the meal. Laurel comes on to Sutter. Says that her college nickname was “Laurel Van Yes”. Allie snaps. She calls Laurel a meanie and complains that there is nothing Vegan for her to eat. Laurel gets up to go after Allie. Maria gets up to stop her. Allie grabs a pie, throws it at Laurel. She ducks and Maria ends up getting pie faced. The Miracle jokingly eats pie off of Maria’s face.




We cut to inside the arena and Mike Bennett is in the ring with Maria. The “Miracle” Mike Bennett claims that he is the biggest star in TNA history, has a near perfect record and that he is the greatest X division champ of all time…. Out comes Dixie Carter to confront Mike Bennett. She tells Mike Bennett that he can only use Option C if he competes in an Ultimate X match with the entire X Division roster. Dixie declares that the match is going to happen right now.


Mike Bennett vs Trevor Lee vs Eddie Edwards vs Andrew Everett vs Rockstar Spud vs Braxton Sutter vs Mandrews vs DJ Z

Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett head to the ring as Impact goes to commercial break……

Back from the break, Eddie Edwards arrives to the ring as the final entrant in the Ultimate X Match. The action starts on the inside and outside. DJ Z does a springboard flying plancha to the outside. Spud is the first to attempt to to climb to the top of the ring and grab the X Division title but is stopped by Braxton Sutter. Rockstar Spud suffers what appears to be a mouth injury and is rushed to the back. Good back and forth action inside the ring between Everett and Mandrews before both are laid out by Sutter. After several high risk moves put competitors to the outside. 4 competitors attempt to climb to the championship but all 4 crash and burn when Trevor Lee and Everett team together. Lee attempts to ride the shoulders of Everett to get the title when Mike Bennett intervenes and breaks up their attempt. Mike Bennett is left alone in the ring and tries to jump vertically to the title from the center of the ring but is unsuccessful. Bennett tries to climb from the cable from the corner but Eddie Edwards stops Bennett with a hurrancanrana . Action spills to the outside again as the X division wrestlers take turns doing aerial moves to the outside. Fast and furious action as everyone is laid out temporarily on the outside. Mandrews climbs high to the near top of the structure and does a moonsault onto the wrestlers. Mike Bennett struggles back in to the ring as does Mandrews. Bennett is once again, left alone in the ring. Mike Bennett pulls out a ladder to attempt to climb for the title but Eddie Edwards emerges and does a baseball slide directly into the ladder stopping “The Miracle”. Ladder is set up inside the ring and Edwards attempts to glide across the cables to get the title. Bennett arrives in the ring and attempts to climb the ladder but is kicked off of it by Eddie Edwards. Edwards gets to the X division title and wins the match.


Meanwhile back in a wrestling ring…… An Angry Mike Bennett is upset that he has lost his option C and X Division Title. Maria calls out Dixie Carter but instead Billy Corgan comes out to the ring. Maria pleads with Corgan to hear their grievances and that she should be the president of TNA and not Dixie Carter. Maria demands that it is either her or Dixie that will remain with the company. Out comes Dixie, Maria hides behind “The Miracle” because she doesn’t trust Dixie. She then begins to scream “You or Me” repeatedly at Dixie. Carter says she is calling Maria’s bluff and that Maria is a manipulator and that Dixie hired them to make a difference in the company and not be a joke. Mike Bennett states that he is the reason everyone watches TNA and is demanding that he is put into the main event at Destination X or he and Maria will walk. Back to more Maria “Me or You” ranting. Billy Corgan yells to defuse the situation. He compliments Maria and The Miracle but then proceeds to call them children. Corgan says that Bennett blew his chance and that is backing Dixie Carter. Corgan says if Bennett and Maria want to leave, He will hold the door open for them. Bennett says he is not going to leave but instead, He is going to ruin the entire Destination X show. They both leave the ring.