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Jack Gallagherdef. Mike Kanellis via pinfall after a headbutt. Mike was arguing with referee Danilo Anfibio, who had just stopped counting his pin attempt on Gallagher when he saw Mike had a handful of tights. Mike tells Maria he’s done and leaves through the crowd, leaving a somewhat (but not very) confused looking Maria to head backstage alone.


Today’s opening promo is Mike and Maria Kanellis talking about how Akira Tozawa has no chance, and Brian Kendrick and Tozawa get a counterpoint where Kendrick says it’s simple— Mike is screwed.

Mike and Maria Kanellis run into Drake Maverick backstage and thank him for banning Kendrick from ringside. He says he’s glad they’re on the same page but stops Maria when they leave and informs her that she is also banned from ringside.

Akira Tozawa over Mike Kanellis by pinfall with the diving senton and a bit of help from some chairs. (No Disqualification Match)
Maria comes and gets her husband and Kendrick comes down to celebrate with his pal.


Brian Kendrick is attacked by Mike Kanellis during his entrance! Akira Tozawa makes the save! He and Kanellis brawl around ringside and Drake Maverick comes down with some referees to pull them apart.

Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews (NXT UK) defeated Ariya Daivari & Mike Kanellis (205 Live)

This was fine. Daivari and Andrew started off, though the crowd chanted for Mike Kanellis. Kanellis came in for a second, then tagged back out, and later came back in again. The announcers classified the heel antics as mind games. 

It looks as though Daivari has been tasked with wearing dress shoes, slacks, and a non-title real life dress belt as part of his latest ring gear, where he unfortunately resembles a bad guy in an ‘80s Kung-fu movie more than a wrestler. 

The 205 Live heels did heel things throughout. They abused Webster in their corner for a long while with lots of double-teaming and quick tags in and out from both members. Webster finally returned the attack with a short corkscrew senton and a fast tag out to Andrews, who went through a sequence of flying moves that finished with a double stomp to Daivari’s stomach. He only got a two count for this.

Kanellis broke up a few pinfall attempts from the Brits, including one spot where Webster assisted Andrews for a standing 450 splash. They did simultaneous tope con giros to the outside after this, which had the crowd chanting “this is awesome.” It was short-lived, though, as Kanellis used a big spinebuster for two on Andrews.

Kanellis accidentally superkicked Daivari off the apron, allowing Webster to land a somersault senton to Kanellis’ back and crushing him back-first for the win while Kanellis was on his hands and knees. Again, this was fine, not bad, and the crowd seemed to be quite into it by the end. I wonder how many people from the UK were in this crowd.

Mike and Maria Kanellis are backstage complaining to Drake about not being in the tournament and getting more upset when he reveals he’s fighting local talent. Maria says they’re not a charity case.

Last week, 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick promised Mike (and Maria) Kanellis that Kanellis would have a match on tonight’s show, and he delivered. Kanellis foolishly thought that he would be in the tournament, but Maverick actually had something else in mind, a local competitor. The match never happened. Kanellis beat Corino (the local competitor) down before the bell rang, so the referee called off the bout.


Kanellis started off quick, driving Kalisto into the corner with repeated shoulder thrusts. Kalisto then traded shots with Kanellis, eventually being sent outside by a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, followed by a slingshot plancha to the outside.

Kanellis managed to get back into the bout after a hard toss into the turnbuckle, then took Kalisto down with multiple clotheslines, followed by a dropkick that sent Kalisto crashing to the outside. Kanellis whipped the former champion into the barricade.

Kanellis managed to use the environment to his advantage, really dishing out some serious damage. Kalisto even attempted a springboard off the barricade, but his legs were cut out from under him, landing him face first across the wall.

Back in the ring, Kalisto made it to his feet after a kick to Kanellis’ face. He made his way to the apron, sending his opponent away with an enziguri, following up with a springboard senton. Kalisto rolled him into the middle with the schoolboy roll-up enziguri kick and drove him head first into the mat with the running spike hurricanrana.Advertisement

Kalisto went for the Salida del Sol but was countered by Kanellis. Kalisto escaped and hit Kanellis on the outside with a rope assisted dropkick. However, Kanellis avoided a suicide dive and guided Kalisto head first into the barricade. Back inside the ring, an inside cradle nearly stole the victory for Kalisto.

Kanellis broke out but was stunned by a superkick followed by a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Kanellis kicked out again, but could not get away from the former champion. He climbed up top, only to be met by an enziguri. Kalisto went for the top rope Spanish Fly, only for Kanellis to stop him, driving him down to the mat with a uranage side slam.

After Kalisto kicked out, Kanellis dropped him with two suplexes and took him down with a backpack stunner. He would’ve won, had Kalisto not put his leg on the ropes. Furious, Kanellis stomped Kalisto repeatedly. He picked him up over his shoulder, but Kalisto rolled out, pinning Kanellis.

Results: Kalisto defeated Mike Kanellis via pinfall.


December 26th’s Edition of “205 LIVE” followed a Top 10 Moments. Mike and Maria Kanellis making their debut to the show made the list at #6. Relive the moment below!

All four guys in chaos to start but the LHP get TJP out of the ring and isolate Kanellis into the assisted splash / torpedo splash sequence. Mike rolls out, TJ back in, they take him out, Dorado with a diving plancha off the top, Kalisto gets a noisemaker to celebrate and they go back to work on Perkins. Springboard tornado DDT, only two, and Kanellis takes Lince out with a spinebuster on the floor.

Maria’s got the pinata, running interference and letting TJ trip Kalisto to the floor! She destroys the pinata and TJP goes to work on Dorado in the ring. Mike joins him, they beat the Golden Lynx up at length but he gets a double Golden Rewind off for separation! Kalisto wakes back up and takes flight, wiping Perkins out! Fired up, going for a headscissors driver but he gets caught into a modified Regal Stretch!

TJ tearing at Kalisto’s mask and face, stomping away for good measure, running hot with a senton that gets two, a dropkick to the leg and right back to work with TJP Clutch on in the middle of the ring… KALISTO GETS THE ROPES TO FORCE THE BREAK! Kalisto gets a second wind, fighting the heels off two for one, climbing up with Perkins… AVALANCHE FRANKENSTEINER SENDS HIM CRASHING INTO KANELLIS! 

Dorado back, big crossbody and a headscissors, SHOTEI! Rolling thunder enzuigiri, charging mad, ducking and dodging, and the Super Crazy trifecta of moonsaults… TJP MAKES THE SAVE! Lucha House Party directing traffic, slapping each other to get fired up and it’s a Dudley Boyz tribute because Lince wanted the sack! He dumps it out, it’s full of tiny pinatas!

TJP looking for a suplex, Dorado reverses, jockeying for position, into the corner and up top, Kalisto and Kanellis in, Tower of Doom denied, Doomsday Device blocked, Mike sent to the floor! LHP up top with TJ… DOUBLE SUPERPLEX INTO THE PINATAS! KANELLIS BREAKS IT UP! Perkins with a powerbomb into the pinatas… NOPE! Kalisto looking to use Penelope for violence, Maria tries to take her away and he throws her in her face to knock her to the floor!

Kalisto hits Salida del Sol, Dorado up top…

Lucha House Party win by pinfall with a diving moonsault from Lince Dorado on TJP.