Michael-Bennett.Net » December 5: 205 Live Results

All four guys in chaos to start but the LHP get TJP out of the ring and isolate Kanellis into the assisted splash / torpedo splash sequence. Mike rolls out, TJ back in, they take him out, Dorado with a diving plancha off the top, Kalisto gets a noisemaker to celebrate and they go back to work on Perkins. Springboard tornado DDT, only two, and Kanellis takes Lince out with a spinebuster on the floor.

Maria’s got the pinata, running interference and letting TJ trip Kalisto to the floor! She destroys the pinata and TJP goes to work on Dorado in the ring. Mike joins him, they beat the Golden Lynx up at length but he gets a double Golden Rewind off for separation! Kalisto wakes back up and takes flight, wiping Perkins out! Fired up, going for a headscissors driver but he gets caught into a modified Regal Stretch!

TJ tearing at Kalisto’s mask and face, stomping away for good measure, running hot with a senton that gets two, a dropkick to the leg and right back to work with TJP Clutch on in the middle of the ring… KALISTO GETS THE ROPES TO FORCE THE BREAK! Kalisto gets a second wind, fighting the heels off two for one, climbing up with Perkins… AVALANCHE FRANKENSTEINER SENDS HIM CRASHING INTO KANELLIS! 

Dorado back, big crossbody and a headscissors, SHOTEI! Rolling thunder enzuigiri, charging mad, ducking and dodging, and the Super Crazy trifecta of moonsaults… TJP MAKES THE SAVE! Lucha House Party directing traffic, slapping each other to get fired up and it’s a Dudley Boyz tribute because Lince wanted the sack! He dumps it out, it’s full of tiny pinatas!

TJP looking for a suplex, Dorado reverses, jockeying for position, into the corner and up top, Kalisto and Kanellis in, Tower of Doom denied, Doomsday Device blocked, Mike sent to the floor! LHP up top with TJ… DOUBLE SUPERPLEX INTO THE PINATAS! KANELLIS BREAKS IT UP! Perkins with a powerbomb into the pinatas… NOPE! Kalisto looking to use Penelope for violence, Maria tries to take her away and he throws her in her face to knock her to the floor!

Kalisto hits Salida del Sol, Dorado up top…

Lucha House Party win by pinfall with a diving moonsault from Lince Dorado on TJP.

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