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Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews (NXT UK) defeated Ariya Daivari & Mike Kanellis (205 Live)

This was fine. Daivari and Andrew started off, though the crowd chanted for Mike Kanellis. Kanellis came in for a second, then tagged back out, and later came back in again. The announcers classified the heel antics as mind games. 

It looks as though Daivari has been tasked with wearing dress shoes, slacks, and a non-title real life dress belt as part of his latest ring gear, where he unfortunately resembles a bad guy in an ‘80s Kung-fu movie more than a wrestler. 

The 205 Live heels did heel things throughout. They abused Webster in their corner for a long while with lots of double-teaming and quick tags in and out from both members. Webster finally returned the attack with a short corkscrew senton and a fast tag out to Andrews, who went through a sequence of flying moves that finished with a double stomp to Daivari’s stomach. He only got a two count for this.

Kanellis broke up a few pinfall attempts from the Brits, including one spot where Webster assisted Andrews for a standing 450 splash. They did simultaneous tope con giros to the outside after this, which had the crowd chanting “this is awesome.” It was short-lived, though, as Kanellis used a big spinebuster for two on Andrews.

Kanellis accidentally superkicked Daivari off the apron, allowing Webster to land a somersault senton to Kanellis’ back and crushing him back-first for the win while Kanellis was on his hands and knees. Again, this was fine, not bad, and the crowd seemed to be quite into it by the end. I wonder how many people from the UK were in this crowd.

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