The Miracle Promo: 

Maria says that she’s the first lady of professional wrestling and she’s here to introduce a future World Heavyweight Champion. A man who will inspire everyone as much as he inspires her. Out comes The Miracle.says he will be the champion and he said it the minute he walked in here. Kurt Angle had to cheapshot him because he was afraid of his greatness.

The Miracle says that Drew Galloway is walking around with a briefcase that’s just a ticking time bomb. He’s going to lose, fail, and prove to everyone that he’s a failure.  But tonight, since Kurt Angle ducked him, he’s going to wrestle one of the UK’s own, and chose Mandrews. Bennett says it’ll take a miracle for Mandrews to win, and Mandrews just wants him to shut the hell up.

Second Match: The Miracle w/Maria Kanellis vs. Mandrews 

Mandrews with a series of deep arm-drags to Bennett. Mandrews with a standing moonsault. Bennett connects with a spine buster to Mandrews. Bennett begins the ground and pound attack. Bennett with a running boot to Mandrews for a two count. Bennett applies the chin lock. Mandrews with elbows to the midsection of Bennett. Bennett with a flapjack and a running dropkick to Mandrews.

Bennett slaps Mandrews in the face. Mandrews fires up and lands a series of right hands and chops. Mandrews with a enziguri to Bennett. Mandrews connects with a tilt-a-whirl DDT and a standing corkscrew splash for a two count. Bennett knocks Mandrews off the top rope with the Photo Finish. Bennett connects with the Miracle In Progress to pickup the victory. After the match Bennett continues to stomp on Mandrews and out comes Drew Galloway. Bennett heads to the back with Maria.

Winner: The Miracle 

Drew Galloway Backstage Promo: 

Galloway says that he got involved in the match because Mike Bennett has let his mouth get away from him, and if Bennett wants to show up and act like an asshole? Bennett comes and lays out Galloway ramming him through the steel garage door.


Maria appears on the stage and asks if Drew believes in miracles and then says that his miracle is now! The lights come on and Bennett belts Drew with his Feast or Fired briefcase!
Winner: Drew Galloway via DQ
Bennett shows off the dent in the briefcase and then asks Drew if he believes in “The Miracle” now. Bennett says that he knows that Drew believed that his briefcase was the answer to all of his questions. Bennett says that isn’t the miracle that TNA needs and Bennett is the miracle that TNA really needs.

Fourth Match: The Miracle w/Maria Kanellis vs. Pepper Parks

Bennett and Parks locked up. Bennett with a armdrag to Parks. Parks with right hands to Bennett in the corner. Bennett with a super kick to Parks. Bennett with a series of right hands. Bennett with a running clothesline and a running boot. Bennett with a delayed vertical suplex. Bennett with a body slam. Parks with a kick to the head of Bennett. Bennett with a spine buster to Parks. Bennett with a Falcon Arrow to pickup the victory. After the match Bennett says that he’s here to make a kingdom of miracles.

Winner: The Miracle


Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis, Ethan Carter III & Tyrus Backstage Segment: 

Bennett and Kanellis find EC3 backstage and congratulate him on regaining the title. Bennett makes his in-ring debut next week, but congratulates him again. EC3 says he heard what Bennett said last week and tries to walk away, but Bennett says he’s just trying to be nice. EC3 says he’s the champ and doesn’t have time for this, and they need to stay out of each other’s way. Bennett says that’s fine because the title looks good on EC3 for now.

“The Mircale” Mike Bennett vs Robbie E:

The match is pretty back and forth with the action spilling to the outside at one point. Robbie E made some crotch gestures at Maria Kanellis, who was at ringside, and the distraction cost him as Bennett capitalized.

Bennett eventually hit a driver finishing maneuver to land the pinfall victory.

After the match, Bennett grabbed the mic and said “The Miracle” has arrived, and we all just witnessed a miracle. He said everyone needs miracles, Robbie E needs a miracle, and he is building a Kingdom of Miracles in TNA.



Maria Kanellis & “The Miracle” Mike Bennett In-Ring Promo: 

Maria Kanellis appears on the stage. Kanellis says welcome to her place of worship. She is the First Lady of Professional Wrestling. She sees our pain. Her hoping and praying that our wishes come true. That someone will save professional wrestling. Well today, is your most blessed day. Because what we really want- is a miracle. Do you believe in miracles? And his name is Mike Bennett.

Bennett says for those who don’t know who he is. Bennett is a International Superstar, a real life Superhero, the bad ass mofo on the show, and your Pro Wrestling Jesus. Pro Wrestling needs a miracle, it was fun and exciting and it was mainstream. But it’s filled with washed up regurgitated people that call themselves pro wrestlers. Later on tonight speaking of washed up, Matt Hardy will battle EC3. The miracle is gonna be when the TNA World Title is in his hands! And when Mike Bennett is the World Champion they will announce Do you believe in miracles? The crowd will chant yes we do.



Seventh Match: The Kingdom (c) w/Maria Kanellis vs. War Machine in a ROH World Tag Team Championship Match 

The Kingdom blasted War Machine with the tag belts before the bell ranged. Kingdom followed with a spike piledriver to Rowe on the outside. Bennett then rolled Rowe back into the ring and the opening bell sounded. Taven covered Rowe, but only scored a two count. Kelly said he thinks he knows why The Kingdom tried to jumpstart the match, relaying that Bennett is wrestling with a cracked rib. The Kingdom continued to work over Rowe, who fired himself up, but missed with a clothesline. The action spilled to the outside, where Rowe suddenly got a burst to knock down Taven, then powerbomb Bennett into the barricade. Rowe then rolled Taven back into the ring. Taven was all alone in the ring and War Machine hit Fallout on Taven to pickup the victory.

Winner: New ROH World Tag Team Champions War Machine  




 Jay Lethal replaces Mark Brisoe on commentary before the match. McGuinness throws Young Bucks, Kingdom, Elgin, Maria and Fish all out before the match starts.

AJ Styles vs. Adam Cole vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Cole tries to dip out of the ring, but Styles clotheslines him. A dive from Styles takes out O’Reilly briefly, but Kyle comes back and applies an armbar. Cole hits a fisherman’s suplex while O’Reilly German suplexes him, but it only gets a two count. Styles dives on O’Reilly, Cole dives on Styles, and all three men are hurt early.

In the ring, Cole attacks the leg of Kyle O’Reilly. They trade strikes, but Cole kicks the leg of O’Reilly. Kyle pulls a guillotine on Cole, and Styles flies through the air and takes him out with a forearm smash. O’Reilly armbars both men, but Styles breaks one of them up with a big knee drop to O’Reilly’s face.

We return from commercial to see Cole superkicking everyone. O’Reilly manages to clothesline Cole, then get a two count off of a brainbuster. O’Reilly locks Styles in a triangle, which AJ almost turns into a Styles Clash. Cole knocks AJ out with a superkick, then drops O’Reilly’s head across his knee for the win.

Winner: Adam Cole via pinfall

All of the groups come back and brawl, with the Young Bucks diving onto everyone. Kingdom end up eating a double IndyTaker. Lethal and Styles are face to face in the ring to close the show.