Also at Final Battle, War Machine challenges the Kingdom for the ROH World Tag Team Championship and who could blame you if you feel the challengers are the favorites. More matches for Ring of Honor’s biggest event of the year, Final Battle, will be made in the weeks to come.


SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST is back for 2015! The Ring of Honor tradition returns November 13th in Milwaukee, WI and November 14th in Hopkins, MI. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST is one of the most grueling tournaments in all of professional wrestling, where the winner has to endure two nights of competition against the top ROH stars. The prize? A future ROH World Championship opportunity!
Past winners of this prestigious tournament include Delirious, Roderick Strong, “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin, Adam Cole, and current ROH World and Television Champion Jay Lethal. This year, the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST field will be comprised of 18 of the biggest stars in Ring of Honor.
Too add to the excitement of this massive annual event, the ROH World Tag Team Championships will be defended on November 13th in Milwaukee against a team that has held gold multiple times before!
reDRagon’s success as a tag team has taken them all over the planet.  From the US to Europe to Japan, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly have collected titles and earned the reputation as quite possibly the best tag team in the world today. They are former ROH World Tag Team Champions always itching for the opportunity to reclaim ROH gold!
The Kingdom haven’t been teaming as long as reDRagon, but theirs is a partnership built on years of time spent together wrestling around New England.  Somewhere along the journey, Taven and Bennett realized they have the same relentless ambition – and the same willingness to cut corners to get what they want. Now, they are finally ROH World Tag Team Champions. On November 13th, they face reDRagon in a match that has become much more personal and heated than it was the last time these two clashed.
Kyle O’Reilly seemed poised to claim his first singles championship in Ring of Honor when he battled Jay Lethal at ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA VII. O’Reilly had Lethal’s number and proven before he can beat him.  During the World Championship match, chaos erupted as the House of Truth tried to ensure a Lethal victory. O’Reilly’s former partner, Adam Cole, hit the ring to back up his “best friend”…and betrayed Kyle O’Reilly in front of the entire world.
It became abundantly clear that Adam Cole had planned for months to destroy O’Reilly’s championship hopes, and he went about it in the most deceitful way possible. He preyed on his so-called friendship with his former partner while also embracing the ROH fans’ desire to see Future Shock reunited. It was a long con of emotional manipulation – and the entire Kingdom was in on the ruse.
The months of tension between Cole and his compatriots was nothing more than a smokescreen to gain Kyle O’Reilly’s trust and now O’Reilly has the opportunity for revenge on The Kingdom at SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST! He and his real partner, Bobby Fish, have the chance to snatch the ROH World Tag Team Championship from Taven and Bennett, all while sending a very clear message to Adam Cole: The war between Cole and O’Reilly has only just begun.
ROHWrestling.com will have all the latest updates on other athletes and matches slated for the huge two-night event. Don’t miss your chance to witness ROH history as we crown this year’s SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST winner! To be there LIVE in Milwaukee, click HERE, and for tickets to Night 2 in Hopkins, click HERE!
Friday, November 13th, 2015
1034 N 4th St – Milwaukee, WI
7:30 pm CST


Matt Taven & Michael Bennett are having a great year!  In April they toured Japan and defeated Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson and Doc Gallows, The Bullet Club, to win the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship. They would lose those championships after a reign of nearly 3 months, but the sting of that defeat would not last long. At All Star Extravaganza VII The Kingdom would win the ROH World Tag Team Championships. The champions walking into ASE VII? The Addiction.
“The General” Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian want their ROH World Tag Team Championships back. The Addiction believes there is a conspiracy against them. Neither Daniels nor Kazarian were pinned when they lost their titles, so this is the basis of their conspircacy theory.  This match goes against that theory, but Daniels has not changed his outlook.
This contest is not simply about the challengers looking to get their championships back. Michael Bennett wants revenge for Christopher Daniels’ actions at ASE VII. The Queen of The Kingdom, Maria Kanellis, jumped up on the apron to assist her team and was promptly met with a straight right hand by Daniels. Bennett has been incensed since that moment and wants revenge for Daniels’ actions.
In April The Addiction and Chris Sabin shockingly revealed themselves to be The Knights of The Rising Dawn. The KRD were a mysterious group that had attacked Ring of Honor superstars and released anti-ROH propaganda for months. At the 14th Anniversary Spectacular, The KRD made an appearance wearing Kingdom T-shirts. This enraged the Kingdom and prompted a then-injured Adam Cole to publicly state that the Kingdom was not the KRD. Fast forward to All Star Extravaganza VII and a masked man dressed as one of the KRD charged out and hit Christopher Daniels with Cradle Shock, the finishing move of Chris Sabin. Is this a case of The Kingdom playing mind games?  If so, it cost The Addiction their championship and they want retribution.
With neither team being well liked, could an advantage come from potentially getting the KZoo crowd on their side? Can you imagine if The Kingdom overcame The Addiction because the fans reaction provided them with that extra boost needed to win? What if the fans found themselves forgiving the despicable actions of The Addiction for one night and became the difference in them winning the ROH World Tag Team Championships again? While neither team cares, it does make for a unique environment.  Do not miss your opportunity to see two of the best tag teams in the world collide with the ROH World Tag Team Championships on the line in Kalamazoo!
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Friday, October 23rd, 2015
Wings Stadium Annexx
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ROH CHAMPIONS – World & World TV Champion Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini & ROH World Tag Team Champions The Kingdom (Michael Bennett & Matt Taven) w/ Maria Kanellis
ROH ALL STARS – “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, ACH & “MR ROH” Roderick Strong


Just signed for the Las Vegas stop on the AFTERSHOCK Tour..
Over the past few months, ROH fans have seen War Machine and The Kingdom battle numerous times in different combinations.  This Friday, Matt Taven has his hands full as a participant in the World Television Championship number one contender tournament.   So when it comes to tag team action, The Kingdom will be representing in Vegas by Michael Bennett and Adam Cole!  Recently, Cole’s exact role and status in The Kingdom have come under increased scrutiny, with Maria in particular expressing her concerns.  But on Friday, Cole has the chance to show the world that all is well in The Kingdom!
War Machine are gearing up for this 4 way ROH World Tag Team Championship match at DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR.  And one of their opposing teams will be comprised of Kingdom members…this time, Michael Bennett and Matt Taven.  On Friday, War Machine have the opportunity to do a lot of damage – physical and psychological – if they can serve The Kingdom a loss just one week before they challenge for gold!
There’s one more factor to consider heading into Las Vegas on July 17th.  While War Machine are the most physically dominant team in ROH, The Kingdom have a not-so-secret weapon that NO ONE can match: Maria Kanellis!  Maria is always willing to provide whatever distraction or interference she deems necessary to keep her crown safe.  And she will be there LIVE in Las Vegas for the next stop of the AFTERSHOCK TOUR!